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Get Ready for Gutenberg, the New WordPress Editor

Some noteworthy changes are coming for all WordPress users, including our customers. In the next few months, WordPress will release a new publishing experience that will change the way you create posts and pages. Gutenberg is the code name for this new editor and with it, website owners can expect a new set of tools for content creation.

To help you prepare, we’ve outlined some of the changes to expect with Gutenberg and how you can test it before the official release. Our goal is to make this change as smooth as possible for all DotSA customers.

Gutenberg: A new, dynamic editing experience

The new Gutenberg Editor promises an easier way to craft multimedia content filled with pictures, embeds, and shortcodes. Although the current WordPress editor supports these elements, Gutenberg is a more intuitive way to design rich customisations without an in-depth knowledge of code.

One of the fundamental differences with the new editor is a drag-and-drop block design. Now, you can create reusable and interchangeable content blocks with a variety of formats. Save custom builds to speed up your future content creation and create a consistent look across pages.

Gutenberg not only elevates the storytelling capabilities within WordPress, it opens up the possibility for theme and plugin developers to create even more engaging and visual tools for users.

Try Gutenberg in WordPress 4.9.8

With the release of WordPress 4.9.8 on July 31, website owners will see a notice in their WordPress dashboard inviting them to try the Gutenberg Editor by installing a plugin. We strongly encourage you to take advantage of this option so you can get acquainted with the new tools.

There is also a plugin called Classic Editor, designed to ease the transition to the new editing experience. The Classic Editor has two modes which you can control in your settings. We strongly recommend using the mode that enables websites to have both Gutenberg and the current editing experience at the same time. This will help you try the Gutenberg experience while keeping the option to go back to the familiar Classic experience on any given post.

The other mode for the Classic Editor plugin exclusively enables the old editor on your site, overriding the Gutenberg Editor when it becomes the new default. This is designed for users who need more time to make the switch.

Тhe upcoming WordPress improvements are truly exciting. There is still no firm date for the release of WordPress 5.0, but it is expected later this year. It is quite impressive what amount of work is done so far by the Gutenberg development team. They’ve been working to ensure that the majority of websites, regardless of their unique mix of plugins, themes, and settings, will have a smooth transition to the new experience. Plugin and theme developers have also been encouraged to make their products compatible.

The Try Gutenberg option in the upcoming WordPress version 4.9.8 is a great opportunity for you to see if your site is ready for this change and even participate in this important process by reporting any issues detected to the WordPress team working on the project.

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